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In defining our service strategy and the relationship we wish to have with our customer’s expectations and desires, we positioned QCCanada to a serving role by applying an approach of ‘serving customers’ not providing customer ‘service’.

A QCCanada strength is our agility and unique ability to shape the customer experience.  We don’t want to be like customer service in most organizations that involves the application of a company’s service structure to people, subjecting to set rules, policies and practices a company has created to control the customer engagement process.  Further, applying a set of guidelines to everyone regardless of circumstance or establishing policies that are intended to minimize risk, increase efficiency, maintain, or reduce operating costs, and create robotic consistency across all interactions, is not where we wish to define ourselves. 

By putting customers first, our Promise to Serve means:

  • The customer is engaged to determine what our rules, policies and procedures should look like.
  • Our team members will try to find a way to say ‘yes’ to every customer request, whether it fits within a policy or not.
  • Conversations with customers always include the question “How can I help you?”.
  • Our measure of customer engagement is whether or not they were dazzled with our service experience, not how proficiently the rules were applied.


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