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We are an industry leader in on and off-road traction products.

QCCanada specializes in tire protection and traction solutions, enhancing safety and agility for customers. Click the link below to learn more about our company.

  • Close up of light truck chains


    Tire chains, also known as snow chains or traction chains, are designed for cars, trucks, SUVs, and other passenger vehicles in regions that experience harsh winter weather.

  • 02/06


    We offer a range of traction products suitable for various tire types, vehicles, and applications, including logging trucks and commercial buses.

  • BZ tread profile on Compact track loader


    Properly sized traction products and Ground Engaging Tools will increase the lifespan of equipment and, in the long run, reducing maintenance. downtime.

  • 04/06


    Design for exceptional traction on rough, muddy, and steep terrains, allowing forestry vehicles to maintain control and stability while cutting, packing or pulling heavy loads.

  • 05/06


    Selecting the appropriate mining equipment is essential for ensuring efficient and productive operations in mining.

  • 06/06


    Use high-quality tire chains to enhance the efficiency of the equipment.

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