Warranty Policies

Our products are required to perform in the harshest environments. Some environments are harsher than others. The best way to prevent a problem is to start with the correct product for your application.

However, on rare occasions, problems still arise. When it is clearly a material issue we will replace or repair your product without charge. If it is an application error, our warranty upgrade program will give you a credit for the original product in exchange for a product that best fits the demands of your application.


Warranty Procedure
Step 1: Attach photo(s) of product, how it was being used and vehicle (if applicable)
Step 2: Provide the date the product was purchase and the name of the vendor, so we can verify the purchase.
Step 3: Describe the application in which the product failed. Provide the make and model of the vehicle or equipment as well as the tire size if applicable. Provide as much information about the application as you can. This will assist us in finding the appropriate solution.
Step 4: Provide your Name, Physical Address, Mailing Address if different and phone number for us to contact you.
Step 5: Our product specialist will contact you to discuss your warranty and determine the appropriate remedy.
When you truly stand behind your product there is no need for fine print.